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System Center

IT Asset & Inventory Management

Dec. 12, 2012 | 0 comment

Inventory and Asset Management does not exist within SCSM. Configuration Item Management does exist. Having analysed SCSM against other service desk tools, the logical information automatically identified and stored within SCSM is much more powerful than the information enabled by other industry leading Service Desk tools. The advantage of SCSM is the fact that it automates the discovery of logical information such as CPU speed (logical and physical), asset vendor & model, Physical Disk and Logical Disk layout, MAC address, Serial Number, Software Publisher, Software Name, patch revision layer of software and which VM / Physical Server software is configured. This information is discovered in an automated way (without probing your network) and the data is kept up to date real time without analysts updating the information. Asset and Inventory management extend CI Management by allowing companies to store physical information (not discoverable on a network) with the CI information discovered. Examples include financial, supplier, location, life-cycle status, compliance, stock & inventory information to name a few. SCSM 2012’s recommendation for this feature is to work with Cased Dimensions – a Microsoft Alliance Partner who has written Asset & Inventory Management for SCSM.

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System Center

Why Cased Dimensions is best at Service Manager

Nov. 7, 2011

Cased Dimensions is an global Alliance Partner with Microsoft who worked with Microsoft 6 months before the release of SCSM 2010. Cased now have 4 software management packs for SCSM 2012 and have installed & configured 2010 + 2012 for some of the world’s largest companies. It’s recommended you visit their site – www.caseddimensions.com

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SCSM 2012 Planning

Assigned to me

Jan. 3, 2012

When using SCSM, one of the repeatable requests from users is to allow Analysts to view all their “Assigned” work in one work folder. This issue is highlighted on Travis Wrights System Center blog on this issue in Service Manager. SCSM includes the process areas of Incident, Problem, Service Request, Release and Change Management. Each area can hold views and Analysts must move between relative folders to see work assigned to themselves as individuals or their “Support Group”. This impacts productivity and can result in an Analyst missing key work assigned. Cased Dimensions is the only group we have identified who has written a fix for this issue. Check out their SCSM Assigned to Me product page for Cased’s simple but effective solution to this issue.

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